How do you create these cakes?

As well fed and well-travelled individuals who have many moons and moves behind them, we like to indulge in good desserts often. We found ourselves increasingly disappointed with commercially available cakes and decided to take matters in our own hands! We started recreating tastes that stood out to us and that still live strong in our memory banks. Leon is a chocolate and salted caramel cake that we had at a French bakery in Edmonton and we cannot forget the euphoria it caused! Ispahan is a tribute to Pierre Herme’s iconic Ispahan macaron that is a fairytale in your mouth! Gulab is a combination of Indian deserts that I miss dearly. It may sound frivolous, but each cake is an inspired creation attached to many personal experiences. If you are curious about our cakes, please ask us…. We love to talk about them.

How do you choose the look?

According to us, the design or cake decoration should play a pivotal, but supporting role to the taste of the cake. Our aesthetics lead us to simple, stylish, subtle and seasonal elements. We are happy to modify our designs to cater to your special occasion.

What ingredients do you use?

The taste of our cakes is the single most important factor for us. We use the highest quality ingredients like single origin cru chocolate, hand selected raspberries, from scratch caramel and perfectly ripe mangoes to create an intense tasting experience like no other.

How do we order?

Please call us at 770-712-1251 or text us to order. We accept cash and checks for payment.

Where do we pick up the cakes?

Our pick up location is in North Druid Hills.

Do you deliver?

At this time, we do not deliver. However, please check with us when you place your order to see if we can accommodate your request.

Can we get in touch with you?

We love to hear from you. Please feel free to suggest new flavors. Please ask about being tasting volunteers. Please send us pictures of amazing cakes and deserts you eat on your travels. We will live vicariously through you! Just drop us a line whenever you think of us. It makes our day!